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Global Economy .vs. US economy and Financial services June 11, 2008

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy.

There is sub-prime associated with housing, there is CDO linked to construction, and commercial real estate. Financial services company made money along every step. Derivatives, futures, and all other kind of fancy products. Now that curtain has been lifted, we can see there are kind of manipulation and incompetence. Rating agency, insurance company all participated and money. Just about sixty days back, every CEO, government official and fed were saying, things are under control, and now there is new wave of write off, followed by the right issue, debt etc. Was this another wrong judgment or intentional posturing so that at least the financial services company were able to raise significant money at better valuation. High oil price are related to demand .vs. supply or rest of the world is being made to pay for their sin of providing the subsidy to poor people who could not get enough fuel to cook a meal at home or is it another manipulation to make sure that the inflation for rest of word is high when we are trying to get our house ?in order.

We all know that we have a pretty significant financial exposure related to overvalued financial papers. When we will get to the bottom of it so rest of world can live in peace. You have an insight? share it with the world.


Bipin Agarwal



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