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Axis of Hope relates to Global Economy, peace, lifestyle and happiness August 11, 2008

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy, Politics and economy.
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President Bush famously declared Axis of evil and made the phrase famous, and popular.

There is lot more to it then just naming the three countries that do not have good relationship with US. If president or king or prime minister of every country start declaring the three countries as part of their axis of evil, soon all the countries on the earth and may be other planets will be part of it. You know in Asia we hold other planet responsible for lot of bad things that happen on the Earth.

In fact if rather then politician, real people were asked to name the three countries that were responsible for destroying the peace, prosperity, economy and happy living, it could be a interesting finding.  Let us see if Newsweek or Nielsen or somebody capable takes the challenge and publish the report.

Obama, US presidential candidate  declared in Germany that Europe and US have lot of responsibility for being a global citizen. I wish he would have said that entire humanity has the right to live in peace and let us all come together and make it happen.

There are three countries that are always involved whenever there is any dis-order in the world, rest of the countries are just tagging along. These countries are, Russia, US, and China.  Now let us see if there was any big issue, war or economy, where these countries were not directly involved. It is hard to come up with a meaningful list where they are not involved.

What is the Axis of Hope:  World would be a great place to live if the three countries Russia, US and China came together and started focusing on the well being of humanity and the fellow people of their country. All they have to quict trying to rule the world. No body has been able to do it, lot of people have tried it before.  God bless us all.

If you have a question, about Global economy and Politics correlation, feel free to ask.


Bipin Agarwal