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US Energy Indepedence – Twenty Minute Lifestyle approach October 19, 2008

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy, IT offshoring and Real Estate development, Politics and economy, Real Estate Development in Global Economy.

Large part of US trade deficit is because of the import of oil. There is no question about it. Energy independence of US from imported oil has significant impact on the fixing the US economy and making it a world economic power and regaining the world power status.

You can not be a world power without being a economic power. Just having nuclear weapon does not do it, Ask Iran, north Korea, Pakistan and host of other countries.

There are three legs to this stool:

  1. Increase oil production in US through drilling
  2. Increase alternative energy production through Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Nuclear
  3. Dramatic reduction in the consumption of the energy (Twenty Minute Lifestyle)

Everybody will talk about the one of the other approach depending upon the party affiliation, personal view of priority and area of concern (read environment, global warming, professional and academic qualification).  While first and second point will help in the incremental way, third point is really the solution.

Both Democrats, and Republican are taking about the issue but not providing the solution. Alternative energy as promoted by Democrats, from different sources including Biofuel, solar, hydrogen, other sources of energy or Drilling as promoted by Republican will not solve the problem or have insignificant impact on energy independence.  Anybody who wants to really understand this can send me note or just spend two hour thinking and will know it. In summary, time it will take for either of these approaches to solve the energy problem will take at least 30 to 50 years and most of us may be either on social security and not live till then.

How to solve the problem now in next four years. Good thing I am not running for President otherwise problem has to be solved in ten years.

Twenty Minute Lifestyle TM is a approach to build all new communities using a self sufficient township where as most of the need for daily living can be met by walking.  This eliminates use of transport (oil) for most of the needs, more capable of using the alternative energy including solar and natural gas because people if at all need to travel only short distances. Apprach will also significantly improves the waste re-cycling because of the concentration of the people in a cluster as approach to spread out living that is currently prevalent in US. This will also lead to significant new jobs in real estate, clean energy, and public transport sector. In of the study published, each Twenty minute lifestyle community built around 500 to 600 acres of land to accomodate 100,000 people ( about twenty five thousand families) will reduce oil consumption by seventy five million gallons of oil over five years. If we built 500 such communities to accomodate fifity million people ( about 15% of the population at the end of four years), that will save thirty sevel thousand million gallon of oil every five year. compare this with current consumption of oil and you will understand , why it will work.

Twenty Minute Lifestyle TM and Real Estate – Another question worth answering is that how Twenty Minute Lifestyle solution to Energy independence will effect Real Estate in US, India and all over the world and will it help solve the current problem in real estate and financial market. Depending on the country, local culture and lifestyle, each community will result into real estate development of 30M sq ft to 60M sq ft. Significant migration of the population that will happen to cities or just the growth of population in cities, can result into building such communities for 100M people all over the world. That is about one thousand such township. WE are now talking about 30 to 50 Billion sq ft real estate development.

Big problem requires innovative thinking not big rescue that is being promoted by US Europe government. This is not surprising given that solution are being proposed by the Politician whose focus is to get re-elected in next election.

This is the approach that need to be adopted by all the countries in the world including developed, developing, emerging,  and poor countries every where including America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

if you have a question, about Global economy, Real Estate, and Politics correlation, feel free to ask.


Bipin Agarwal bipin.agarwal@redhawkinvestments.com



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