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Cornorstone of American recovery – Energy self sufficiency January 23, 2009

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy, Politics and economy, Quality of Living, Real Estate Development in Global Economy, Recession.

Obama in his inaugural speech has clearly demonstrated that it is easy to communicate when you use simple language, no paragraph just few words, know when to stop.

Our president can use same approach to get America excited about the future and people from all walk of life will come together to solve the problem. That is how John F. Kennedy did it, put a vision of getting to moon and America became a different place.

President Obama can declare that “USA will be self sufficient in energy in next eight years”.  Once the vision is articulated all the policy decision for all aspects of the administration including, foreign policy, middle east policy, trade and currency policy with countries, energy policy, bailout of financial institution, manufacturing, public infrastructure, environment, tax of individual and corporate, social security, medicare can be made under the over arching vision.

What Does Energy Self Sufficiency means?  There are serveral major aspects of it:

  1. Energy efficiency – This consists of energy efficient lights, green building, making current home and commercial building  energy efficient
  2. Taxing the gas (renewable energy tax) and  electricity (level of usage) – incentive drives the behavior.
  3. Alternative energy – solar, wind, bio fuel, clean coal, nuclear with the focus that USA will manage with no, or minimum import of technology
  4. Electric car, Hybrid car with production in US
  5. Smart Grid
  6. Public transport infrastructure around Twenty Minute Lifestyle (walk to living, focus on reducing car as a major means of transport)

This will also help keep the interest group and lobby at bay. It is important to mandate that all manufacturing related to this initiative will happen in America.  Supporting this tax credit will go a long way. Remember, government job is to define the priority, create policy to support that, America has enough intellectual capital and hard working people to make it happen.

I wrote this article on Jan 23rd. Here is the good news, our president Obama called for independence from oil on Jan 26th. It is a great step forward for American. Every other country should do that. Go OBAMA. Following is the link to news from BBC.

if you have a question, about Global economy, Real Estate, and Politics correlation, feel free to ask


Bipin Agarwal




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