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Florida does not get it – Real estate development April 12, 2009

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy, Politics and economy, Quality of Living, Recession.

Coming soon to the Sunshine state: the sunshine city.

There was a big announcement from sunshine state about a major real estate development. This will be an eighteen thousand (18000) acres development for eight thousand homes along with retail, work space and other amenities. Trying to put lipstick on this pig by announcing a 75 MW solar energy plan by the  Florida Power and light, utility industry for 400 million dollars. You can read more by following the link below.


Real estate development claims that everything will be in walking distance including work, retail, and play. This will be model environment friendly city. A former sports player is involved in this development.

Florida does not seem to get it. Let us see, 18000 acres is about 100 plus sq miles. You can walk to every facility under a hot sun riding a fast horse. How else will you walk 10 miles and feel good about it? Even if you are ready to believe that they will keep half open space, there is probably 4000 acres of golf and park. How much water they will use for rich 8000 families?  They call it socially responsible and sustainable? Let us go ahead and put state of the art electric train system funded by government to make their life comfortable at the expense of Tax dollars. I sure hope they are not using any of the  energy independence dollars to turn their dream into reality. It seems like a scam not a sustainable real estate project.

The history of Florida is littered with spectacular, landscape-changing proposals that never made it past the drawing board. Real estate industry is flooded with so called old business, politicians, and sports star (including gambling). We all know if the project is not feasible on the economic basis, political connections are always there to help.

What they do not understand that world is changing. People are looking for great living experience, affordable, and environment friendly.

Real estate industry has to wake up and change for the new reality of the world.

Bipin Agarwal


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