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Obama Master Stroke – High speed Train infrastructure April 18, 2009

Posted by Bipin Agarwal in Global Economy, Politics and economy, Quality of Living, Real Estate Development in Global Economy, Real Estate development in USA.

Updated April 29, 2009

Financial Times today carried an article, Bill Ford chairman of Ford is advocating the gas price of $3.50 to change the auto buying pattern of consumer. Thank you chairman for endorsing my position in the article I published on April 18th below.

In fact I had suggested, tax of $2 per gallon is more appropriate.  This will change the buying pattern, tax dollars help create the high speed train infrastructure, lead people to innovate to create personal urban transportation (Smart car, Nano, improved bicycle,  other less or non polluting transportation mechanism.

Thank you Chairman Bill Ford. Bipin Agarwal

April 18, 2009

Few days back President Obama announced the massive investments for building high speed train infrastructure for USA. I call it a Master Stroke. I have been advocating such an initiative for almost a year. This initiative will go a long way in making US energy independent and also reduce carbon foot print. This effort is also consistent with my forecast of accelerating glocalization. Biggest challenge for the government is, not try to do everything right but is to make sure that there is clear agenda (no right wing or left wing) and there is transparency.

I am no Dr.  Nouriel Roubini (famous and accidentally right) who has been branded as Dr. Doom. I would rather be focused on providing solution for USA  and be identified as Dr. Boom (does not matter that I do not have a formal Dr. designation).

Industry to loose – You should expect Oil, aircraft, and Auto industry to call it a wasteful spending with no ROI. This is expected, most of the industry is having a difficult time adjusting to new reality of USA. Easy way to stop all the pain of oil industry is to impose a energy Tax (two dollar per gallon). People will pay the same price they were paying a year back. However this money can be used to build the mass transit infrastructure. This money will also reduce the Fed deficit, in addition Fed will be able to raise the interest rate to avoid inflation as well.

Industry to win – Industrial Company, financial company, construction, real estate development, environment, alternative energy, and average worker will win big. Most important, USA will be the big winner. There will be lot of real estate development opportunities. GE, Hitachi will benefit a lot. New real estate development around the concept of Twenty-Minute Lifestyle will gain significant mind share.

Industry in the middle – There will be some industries that will not see any significant upside or downside.  Expect them to declare that economy is on a stand still or government stimulus plan is not enough. It happened today with CAT declaring that China is doing a better job on infrastructure then USA. That is great. US government need to spend the money based on the priority for the country not based on the need of specific company.

Great opportunity for Colorado – Colorado is the state for next twenty to fifty years. Several mid tier cities in Colorado are ready to grow but do not have the connectivity to each other. Colorado has a unique opportunity to grab this opportunity and layout a blue print for high speed train connectivity from Colorado spring, Denver, Fort Collins, Bolder, Grand Junction, etc. I undestand that these are long term plans, but we have to start now. Phase one could be the Fast train from Fort Collins (I-25/ Harmony junction ) to Denver to Colorado Spring. Colorado. Political leadership, wake up and  make it happen. All the best, Incredible Colorado!


Reason Glocalization will happen is not because government or large corporation want it, it is because people will demand it.

if you have a question, about Global economy, Real Estate, and Politics correlation, feel free to ask


Bipin Agarwal




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